Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kiyosike Intashya

The Bike Shop -
After three visits up to the washing station I was able to work on negotiations for the remaining particulars to get the bike shop business up and running. We were figuring out the best and most effective accountability for the coop with regard to ownership of the parts, tools and the business as a whole. We will be splitting the cost of the interior build out. This will be fairly minimal, shelving and a cabinet for storage, a work bench and the outdoor work area awnings.
I finished up the sign for the shop. They chose the name, it is directly translated from Kinyerwanda to the "Swallow Kiosk". The swallow is synonymous with swiftness, efficiency and productivity. I think an apt name for sure. SPREAD contacts Jay Ritchey and Douglas will help to facilitate the remaining paticulars in my absence. The shop is much needed. Farmers without proper tools (most of them) are damaging the bikes trying to make repairs. This is the shop, just next to the dry storage 100yds from the washing station.