Saturday, September 1, 2007

First night. The Rwanda Golden Cup...

This Cup of Excellence trial run competition was really impressive, seems that Rwanda has much to look forward to and a lot to be proud of. The awards ceremony was unforgettable. Although I have little to compare with – I have never witnessed the level of both national and individual pride. Fed with the pursuit of economic growth measured only in the highest levels of coffee quality.
The sentiment, the attendance, and being at the Hotel de Milles Collines in the large meeting room, I am experiencing being a minority not only racially but in this world of coffee.
I momentarily looked out the window to see what looked like at least 300 African crows called Kites. Large raven like birds of prey with white blazed chests swirling above the hotel, it was dusk. There is a haze in the sky here that reminds me of the desert.
The dance performances both during and after the ceremony had me saying to myself, wow, I really am in Africa. The dancers' faces, the costumes with manes and ankle bells, beads, spears, full cheetah pelts wrapped around their waists. The drums, flutes, singing - was intense and memorable.

Heading to Butare this afternoon. Looking forward to being at the cooperatives first of the week.

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Alison said...

Sounds great. I am glad you are having a good time in Africa.