Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Artcrank poster show in Portland on October 1st was an overwhelming success! From Charles Youel, the curator: "My best estimate is that something like 500 people came through The Cleaners and The Ace Hotel to enjoy the opening weekend of Oregon Manifest with a little free Pabst, check out a cool display of Keen and Chrome products, gaze in amazement at 29 super-cool posters – many printed by the rock stars Seizure Palace – and take home their favorites. I’m pleased to announced that thanks to your awesome work, we raised $1,000 for Bikes To Rwanda...As someone who lives for bikes and coffee, this a cause I'm proud to support." The San Francisco show, October 24th at Chrome, promises to be something pretty special too. A few of our old friends will be in the mix there including Jeff Hantman, Stevil Kinevil and Willie K. Bullion as well as many other talented, local artists.

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