Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday in Butare

Arrived Friday evening into Butare. After nearly 42 hours of travel, happy to be in one place.
Awoke this morning to a warm breeze, the Rwandan haze in the sky that I have a hard time describing. Spent a nice quiet morning getting settled in and unpacked. The Schillings are my hosts, Butare will be home base.

We went into town to look for some clothes and shoes. The market is an adventure. I really enjoy the saturation that is present for all five senses. The thick smells of dirt, soap, baby powder and many bodies in the sun. As we walk through, it isn't uncommon to have a mysterious hand stroke your hair, hand, clothing. I didn't find this at all intrusive, just curious. When I am here I often try to remember how well my expectations of a small African city held up to what is really here.

Setting down with the calendar to map out the next two weeks, the route, priorities.
Looking forward to some great productivity.
As with last trip, having difficulty uploading pictures. Working on a solution.