Thursday, July 24, 2008

Have bike, will donate??
It is fairly often we are asked about bike donations. Unfortunately our program does not have the capacity to accept, refurbish and ship used bicycles to Rwanda, however...
there are options for you the motivated used bike owner. CHECK IT OUT:

1. You could sell the bike, donating a portion or all of the proceeds to us. We'll take that money and funnel it into our programs. Give that old bike a new home here in the states and help the farmers in Rwanda get new bikes and bike shops.


2. Check these people out... International Bicycle Fund
they are motivated to refurbish your bike and send it out into the world to be used
in developing countries in dire need of transportation resources.

3. Village Bike Project, also totally great people working mainly in Western Africa, Ghana.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Canadian teens bake for BTR!

During the months of April & May, the 11th graders in Sharon Kemble's homeroom class at West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver, BC set to holding bake sales to raise money and awareness for BTR.

"...we've struggled in the past looking for a project that we could dedicate ourselves to, and we truly feel that we have found a great organization to help..."

And help they did!
We received a great letter of their plans to continue this on next year an a check for $1462.79!

"...a program which encourages the economy and more importantly raises the standard of living of the world's poorest should be our number one priority."

We are eager to continue to work with these passionate young adults from Vancouver.
Thanks again for all your efforts!

Monday, July 14, 2008

BTR, Ritual, MTV!!!

Back in the saddle, lots of work to be done!

Officially raised just over $2,000.00 dollars on the 1st annual BTR Road Trip!
Thanks to my co-hort Sarah Allen board member and editor of Barista Magazine for all her help, fantastic reporting from the field, and for putting up with me for over a week! Hee hee

We had a great time, made new friends, spent time with some old friends and in the end - spread the work of BTR across the NorCal countryside.

Thanks again to our sponsors, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Crema Cafe & Bakery, Barista Exchange, Chris Baca, Lava Java, Dog River Coffee, Coffee Plant, The Albina Press, Brewed Behavior, The Fresh Pot, Verite Coffee, Espresso Parts, Chris Davidson and Leanne & Steve Allen.
(Sarah's parents)

Carl Brown of Courduroy Media came to the Ritual Ping Pong event, check out the piece he put together on the think.MTV site... pretty rad!

Monday, July 7, 2008

I heat up, can't cool down...

It is 100, at least here. Whew!!!

I have been a little short on the blog entries since our departure. Old little laptop.

Thanks to Sarah for keeping up on her end. you can read much much more at

Looking forward to a comprehensive summary of the whole trip soon.

We are in Santa Clara/San Jose with our buddies at Barefoot for the night.

Tomorrow its off to SF to Ping Pong it up at Ritual on Valencia.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

1st Annual BTR Road Trip

Hey Sarah...
are you ready yet?
we're packing up the Prius,
we'll be blogging all the way.

BTR 2008 Road Trip
Episode 1... Norcal

we have an exciting trip ahead, check it out...

J U L Y 3
Portland to Eureka
pass the night Eureka

J U L Y 4
Eureka to Fort Bragg
Mendocino 4th of July activities, Thanksgiving Coffeetour
pass the night Fort Bragg

J U L Y 5
Breakfast event, Mendocino Bakery, hosted by Thanksgiving Coffee
Lunch Healdsburg, Flying Goat Coffee
to Napa
pass the night Napa

J U L Y 6
Ritual Napa event
pass the night Napa

J U L Y 7
Napa to Taylor Maid Farms
pass the night Santa Rosa

J U L Y 8
Strauss Family Creamery
to SF
pass the night SF

J U L Y 9
Blue Bottle
4 Barrel
Ping Pong for Rwanda, Ritual, Mission
pass the night SF

J U L Y 10
Pacific Bay Coffee, Walnut Creek
Davis for burritos
to Sacramento - Temple, Ride On event, bike poker run
pass the night Sacto

J U L Y 11
to Roseville, java J's

...head home! **drawing done in Minneapolis at Cafe Imports party